Chloe Fredericks

From small town North Dakota, Chloe Fredericks has been singing ever since she can remember. Growing up with old country music influence, she grew up listening to some the greats. Including: Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, and Emmylou Harris. Some of Chloe's fondest memories is singing alongside her dad, who still resides with his wife and chloe's mother, Kami in North Dakota.  She was raised on a ranch there all of her life and learned by the cowboy way of living. If you get bucked off of a horse, you get right back on. It's helped carry chloe through the more trying times in the ever changing music business. 


Chloe began writing songs from a very young age. She recalls her first memory writing was when she was on a cattle drive around age five. "We were on the reservation where I'm from in Twin Buttes. It was a long day and my little sister and I were riding behind the huge herd and I just started making up a song. Cate soon joined in and it was a song we remembered for a long time but now can't recall. I remember it was happy though, and about a red wagon." Her mom would always call Chloe her little singing birdy, a name that soon stuck and stays with her in her music career.  


Chloe wrote a lot more as she came into her high school career, but ultimately decided to pursue a degree in art education at Boise State University when she graduated. There she only lasted a year and soon came home after, immediately starting to write again, and this time more meaningfully and prolifically. Chloe really began her music career professionally at 19 and by 21 was able to meet and connect with Will Hollis, who has been the music director for the Eagles for the past 15 years. In 2019 they worked the year recording and are now releasing a five track EP entitled "Chloe Fredericks". It has a timeless sound that reflects the sound of talented musicians and creatives.  


There's so many things to be thankful for, and Chloe is no stranger to this belief. She is so overwhelmed with gratitude at the opportunities she has been given to live in Los Angeles and record music, something she will love her entire life. She hopes you feel connected to the music in a way that is personal to you. Chloe says-"I just want the music I put out to speak to people personally in whatever place they are in their life. Some of these songs carried me through the worst times and the best. Music carries people, I hope mine does that for the listener."