From small town North Dakota, Chloe sings the genre of Modern Pop/Soul with a rich background of country living and Mandan/Hidatsa Native American heritage.  Chloe is a voice you will not soon forget.  Traveling often to LA, she has recorded a few songs that have recently been released. She hopes to have an album finished in the next year as she writes more music, that undoubtedly, comes straight from the soul. 

Learning to play the piano at five years old and self taught guitar by ten, music was a big part of Chloe's childhood. She also has been writing music since age five but started structured songwriting at age ten as well with her fist song, 'Sitting in a Tree'. Chloe grew up signing along side her father, Casey, who loves to sing and play the guitar.  He passed this passion on to Chloe and they still sing together today. Casey raised his children on rich old, classic country. Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, and Emmylou Harris are still some of Chloe's favorite artists today. Although she may not sing the same style genre-wise, she is appreciative of the way music comes in all forms. 

Chloe's favorite quote is  "I don't make music for eyes I make music for ears". Adele*. She feels as if music is something so special that we hear and regardless of how we look, we can feel in our hearts and our minds. Adele, Amy Whinehouse, and Etta James are just a few of Chloe's favorite artists today because of their innate ability to bring music straight from the soul to the people around. "Their music is felt, it inspires others, and it tells these stories that wouldn't be able to be told in any other way. -Chloe" Chloe hopes to do the same with her music, regardless if it brings fame or money, those things don't matter as much as how happy music makes her feel. 

Music has always been a major part of Chloe and who she is, almost like she was born to do it. She's had many opportunities to exercise her talent growing up that she is still grateful for today.  One of those special times was singing the National Anthem at the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City, for an induction ceremony, in the fall of 2012 at the age of 14. She sang at many events in her high school career and you would often see her singing with local bands in the summertime. In the last year Chloe has gotten more serious about not only the music she writes but also the ears that hear it. She completed a mini house concert tour in the spring of 2018 opening up doors and windows into the music world. She is excited to see what the next few years bring and hopes for the best as she tries to do what some say is impossible, but as for Chloe, it's just another day being herself.